February 2018 Poll: Dynamixel XL320, Dynamixel MX or small wheeled robot

Here it is, the first robot of the month Poll!

See this topic if you need context :wink:

For this first edition (February 2018), we have 3 suggestions ! 2 electronics container to control Dynamixel actuators with Luos and 1 robot platform.

The dynamixels are among the most used actuators by robot makers. We can unleash the power of Luos and Rust programing in all robots powered by those motors!

1- Dynamixel MX Container

It’s the kind of actuators we use for exemple to power Reachy, our research robot:


2- Dynamixel XL320 Container

The Dynamixel XL320 are “low-cost” smart actuator made for educational robots. At Pollen we use them for exemple to power Doggy an entertainment robot:

3- Two wheeled robot

The robot is a small (and cute) two wheeled robot platform with odometry. It can help the community quickstart a wide range of usages involving robot that moves in a room.


It’s now time to vote for your preferred choice! But if you have any question, do not hesitate to ask us as reply of this topic!

  • Dynamixel MX (L0 shield)
  • Dynamixel XL320 (L0 shield )
  • Two wheeled robot

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The votes are now closed for the February robot of the month.


The winner is to build a L0 shield to control Dynamixel XL320 motors!

We will update on the progress on the following post: [Shield L0] Dynamixel XL320

Let’s get to work :slight_smile: