Firmware V 0.5.0 is here

With great power comes great responsibility

Luos Is the nervous system of more and more of your robots and your project become more and more serious and big. That’s why we dedicate this release to reliability. So there is not so many new features here but A LOT of improvement.
:warning: You all should switch all your containers to this revision to avoid strange behaviors
:warning: This revision is not retro-compatible, you have to switch all your containers to v0.5.0 (nothing change on pyluos side).

Also a new Pyluos revision 1.0.14 have been released to manage new features. Nothing have to change on your Pyluos application side.
This new Pyluos revision have an improved serial2ws program that don’t crash when you disconect from your Raspberry. Feel free to update Pyluos on your Raspberry too :wink:

To update your containers follow this tutorial :

New features :

  • Command sent using Json now have container reception garanti mechanism. If a container don’t receive a command after multiple try this container will be excluded from your network and you will receive an exclusion message trough Json. To unlock this container you have to re-detect your network.
  • Messages Collisions detection and management.
  • There is no more useless data into Json, reducing bandwidth and computer CPU consumption.
  • A new container is managed : the Load container allowing to measure forces and torques. The hardware of this container is not available yet.

bug fixes :

  • Undelivered commands
  • Gost containers can appear in particular condition
  • L0 measurement read on some containers fail
  • IMU don’t send compass values
  • Multiple measurement on the same containers doesn’t work
  • Sometimes Json manager on gate send invalid Json
  • Sometimes commands can be received twice by containers
  • Depending on delay data flux can be irregular
  • Too many messages on a Dxl container make it crash
  • Gate memory explosion if received Json is too big.
  • Json can be overwrited if they are sent too fast
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Pyluos 1.1.0 and firmwares 0.5.1 are available

We plan do give you more right into the Luos system in the future that’s why we start working on API to make it simpler.
We create a new Pyluos revision with a new firmware revision.
This new Pyluos don’t have too many changes :

  • Button container type become State
  • Potentiometer type become Angle
  • Led type become Color
  • Adding a new Voltage type
  • GPIO type desepear and have now one container per pin
  • control modes (rot_position_mode) on controlled_motor type are now variables instead of functions
  • return values of controlled_motor type are now auto enabled at first read of a variable.
  • Manage a refresh frequency value on each containers
  • position value become rot_position on Servo and Angle (Potentiometer)

All of this modifications correspond to a new documentation revision with more informations and examples :