Firmware V0.3.0 is here

First steroid shot

Previous version was just a warm-up, V0.3.0 speed up your Luos Network refresh rate by approximately 30.

:warning: This revision is not retro-compatible, you have to switch all your containers to v0.3.0.

To update your containers follow this tutorial :

This new version modify a lot of things and there is a new version of pyluos (1.0.10) to manage it.
update using :
pip install pyluos --upgrade

New features :

  • Localhost messages (thanks to this, Json can act on the Gate)
  • Dynamic containers detection (you don’t need to reboot everything when you add/remove a container from your network anymore)
  • Json syntaxe optimization
  • Json multiple parameter management
  • Improved container name management
  • Speed communication between container increased from 57600 to 1000000
  • Gate led blink at each network refresh (allowing you to easily get your network speed)
  • Dynamixel communication delay time reduced
  • Imu refresh rate increased
  • Dynamixel temperature management
  • Dynamixel Register write management
  • Dynamixel can re-scan motors
  • Void container type for void Dynamixel container


  • Gate crash on command rush from computer
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Amazing steroid engineering !!!

is for the USB gate ?

Yes, from now, Gate firmware is the same for any gate such as Raspberry Pi container, power pi container, USB container, and the new wifi/ble container comming soon :wink:

A small bug has been detected on revision 0.3.0.
One of the two branchs of Gates containers can only detect 1 container. I just release a fix on firmware revision 0.3.1 for Gates containers.

I also find another bug on pyluos. Due to update fréquence raise from gates, pyluos miss some messages. I reimplement the reception thread using a thread safe queue. pyluos 1.0.11 should’t miss any messages.

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New bugs has been detected on 0.3.x :

  • Distance containers seems to have a limited distance measure (70 cm instead of 200 cm)
  • Some parameters on controled_motor container doesn’t work, the container keep it’s default values.
  • Sometime with some containers, dynamic detection crash the gate container.

There is no real issue on distance range but on messages synchronisation. With the higher refresh rate of the 0.3.0 revision the pull of distance values are more frequent than the sensor can give them. We just change things to send values only if there is a new one available.

This is a small pyluos bug. To fix it you have to update pyluos using pip install pyluos --upgrade

This one occure when a container doesn’t reply succesfully when the Gate ask it’s name. We fix the crash of the gate but not the why sometime some container doesn’t reply properly to the Gate.

Those bugs are fixed on 0.3.2 and pyluos 1.0.12