Installation issue: error: `rust-src` component not found

Following the Linux installation guide, from step 4 I used:

rustup component add rust-src

resulting in:

roger@roger-VB:~$ rustup component add rust-src
info: downloading component 'rust-src'
info: installing component 'rust-src'

(No indication of result or failure)

Then, before executing the test in step 7, I wanted to see some help options of xargo:

roger@roger-VB:~/luos$ xargo -h
error: `rust-src` component not found. Run `rustup component add rust-src`.
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` for a backtrace

Following the advice in the error message (i.e. repeat step 4) then resulted in

xargo -h

compiling core v0.0.0 from the Nightly (and compiler_builtins v0.1.0), and finally showing help for the command itself.

So the bottom line question is:
should step 4 be executed only after the override in step 6?

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Yes! Good catch, thanks! We will fix it in the tutorial.

We just fixed it by adding the --toolchain nightly-2017-12-25 option in the rustup component command in step 4:

rustup component add --toolchain nightly-2017-12-25 rust-src

Thanks should fix the problem and make it explicit that the source are associate to a specific build

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