Installing pyluos on W10

I’ve got my containers today and i start with theses devices.
First i try to install pyluos on W10(1803)
I had already installed Anaconda and python 3 on my computer.
on anaconda prompt i try pip install pyluos …this command start but …iv’got somme errors messages …

I tried to use python -m pip install --upgrade pip
Errors again …

I don’t know what t o do now ?
Thanks for your help

Hi Luc, welcome and thanks for posting in this forum.

To me pyluos seems properly installed. To check it, type pip list and look for the line pyluos with it’s version. If pyluos is not on the list then the installation didn’t work.

If it’s in the list, then it’s installed. Type jupyter notebook to see if notebook works. If you get errors, you may need to install ipykernel by typing pip install ipykernel, rebbot your computer and try again with jupyter notebook.

For now let’s not worry about the pip upgrade, I’m looking for a solution for this one but I think you can go on without it for now.

Keep me updated.


Regarding the upgrading of pip, try and execute python -m pip install --user --upgrade pip instead, and tell me if it works better.

It’s OK for the upgrading of pip :

Thank you

Hi Simon,

Thank you for this quick answer.
pip list
is OK pylos is installed normally
jupyter notebook
run the notbook normally

Without any problem …so it’s seems errors messages are not a problem.

Good to hear.
Let me know if you need more assistance.

Is it for me? 🤔