Introducing the "Robot of the month"!

Hi folks !

At Pollen Roboitcs, we have a box full of robotic product and features ideas, it can be anything from an electronic shield to SLAM algorithm or quadruped robot platform.

To make our roadmap more adapted to the needs of the Luos users we decided to ask the community to chose what we should build next!

So let me introduce to you the “Robot of the Month”!

Each month, we will take 3 ideas from the box that -given our development stage- can be achieved in the following month.
And we will open a Poll on this forum to let you decided which product/feature among the 3 you prefer to be build first!

Do not hesitate to share with us new feature or product idea to be added in the Robot idea box!


Here I will take up-to-date link to current and past poll of the Robot of the month.

I suggest to add to the list a stabilized camera basket for ground vehicles.

@LR_JOLY we have somewhat abandoned this process for lack of time.
The stabilized camera is not an easy one but a really interesting project for us.