March 2018 Poll: Motion Tracking, Bluetooth or a set of essential shields

It is time to open the votes for the robot of the month of March! See this topic if you need context :wink:

We have three suggestion for next month, they are all shields for our L0 board.

Motion Tracking and the MPU 9250

The MPU-9250 is a nine-Axis MotionTracking Device. It can inform you of the motion of your robot using a 3-axis Gyro, a 3-axis Accelerometer, and a 3-axis Compass.

The sensor looks like this:

And will be integrated on a shield with the Rust library necessary to read the values of each sensors. Using sensor fusion algorithm, one will later be able to get accurate 3D positioning of the board in space, as demonstrated below.

Bluetooth Gate

To communicate between Luos and a computer, we currently have a USB shield, which we demonstrated in this tutorial:

It would be very useful to be able to control a series of L0 boards wirelessly and Bluetooth is the way to go!

We would develop a shield with a Bleutooth chip that will act as a Gate. It will be swappable with the USB Gate transparently and work out of the box with our Python control library: pyluos

Essential set of shields

Last but not least, we could design a set of essential shields with basic functionalities. This set would include at least:

  • RGB Led shield
  • Button
  • Potentiometer
  • Servomotor

It would enable the community to learn how to use Luos L0 boards in more varied scenarios and experiment with modular design.


It’s now time to vote for your preferred choice! If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask by replying to this topic!

  • Motion Tracking (MPU 9250)
  • Bluethooth Gate
  • Set of essential shields (LED, Button, Servo, etc.)

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