[Shield L0] Dynamixel XL320

The robot of the month for February 2018 is a shield for the L0 board to control Dynamixel XL320 motors.

The Dynamixel XL320 are “low-cost” smart actuator made for educational robots. They can be used to make very cool and dynamic robots:

This post is to discuss and follow the progresses of this development.

We are glad to announce we have now produced a first version of the XL320 shield!

We are working on implementing the Dynamixel protocol in Rust on this repository: https://github.com/pollen-robotics/rustamixel

Feel free to have a look and comment! You will be the first to know when a XL320 motor moves :wink:

Thanks to @Cyril, @Nico and @Pierre for these progress!