What do you need first?

We have many features we want to develop in the roadmap. Maybe it would be a better idea if we began by the ones you (@starter) need the most ?! :wink:

So tell us! What would you like/need the most as very first functionalities to start building with Luos ?

I would like a robot that can move around on the lawn without falling into the pool.
(or move around on the lawn, and swim in the pool :wink: )

Next phase would be for it to be able to chase away the dog from the lawn.

An Ergo Jr like robot that we can prototype with Luos should be perfect ! :grinning:
But a very cheap one and as small as possible.

Can you explicit what you mean by “cheap” ? Because if Ergo-Jr is cheap enough for you, we could be able to make it usable with Luos quickly and you should vote for XL-320 module here => February 2018 Poll: Dynamixel XL320, Dynamixel MX or small wheeled robot

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For me cheap is inferior to 100 euros… Should it be possible ?
And yes I had already voted for XL-320 :grinning: before the previous post !

Well, a XL320 cost 22€ and you just have a raw motor, no mechanical part, no control.

The alternative would be to use standard servomotor that are way cheaper (<5€) but the formfactor is not really suitable for building robot. It can work for very simple one.


For me, having a module that allows to control a BLDC (brushless motor) in torque, with reducer and an encoder that can return the motor position would be a huge plus. It would allow to control dynamic robots, like legged robots.

But it’s not as easy as controlling a dynamixel since it is motor specific and requires per motor tuning and calibration. But we can dream right ?

Hello @lokiledev and welcome to the Luos community,

Indeed BLDC is the dream of a lot of roboticist. I’m also really interested about BLDC and FOC, and I play with it in my free time.
Here is an example of a 0G controler I made few years ago :

Currently we have some partners working on this kind of subjects, I not sure this gonna be public at the end but one day we will make one for sure.

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Wow really cool!
Well I’ll keep in touch :slightly_smiling_face: and I would love to test it when you make a module!

I have some experience with foc and bldc, let me know if I can help.

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Yes I will keep you in touch.
If you are looking for simple solutions to make torque controlled motors for your robot you could consider using one of our Controlled_Motor allowing a really good control of motors coupled with a Load module allowing to evaluate torque with a really good precision.